Before you contact us, search the website for the info regarding your question, before asking it. Our mission is to have all the questions answered on the event website.

All contacts regarding the event should come via email. We do not answer ie. Facebook messages regarding the event. As much as we like to serve everyone the best we can, handling out official things in Messenger or WhatsApp is not efficient and we might miss your message.

To get the answer to your question as quickly as possible, please take a good look who to contact on your matter.


Contacts regarding the main A-tier event, division changes, withdrawals etc

Contact Main Event TD Gabriel Särkelä


Contacts regarding SIDE-EVENTS (Flex Starts, One Round etc)

Contact Competition Manager Mikko Wikman


All other contacts regarding the whole 11 days Tyyni event, sponsorship, media, press etc

Event Coordinator Juha Kytö



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