DGPT Silver Järva Open x Tyyni

  • DGPT Silver event for top players
  • Only MPO and FPO, rating phased registration
  • At Järva DiscgolfPark, Stockholm
  • Aug 2nd to Aug 4th, 2024

Tyyni x Järva Open – 11th Edition of Tyyni moves to Stockholm, Sweden

  • 688 spots available on first release
  • Professional divisions: MP40, FP40, MP50, MP60
  • Amateur divisions: MA1, FA1, MA2, FA2, MA3, FA3, MA4, FA4
  • Amateur Master divisions: MA40, FA40, MA50, MA60
  • Junior divisions: MJ18, FJ18, MJ15, FJ15
  • At four courses – all players will play three different courses, 1 per day
  • August 1st to August 3rd, 2024

*This might be subject to change depending on how many people registers in each division we might add one more pool and increase and rotate where you play what course. Currently 688 spots for AMA/PRO on the main Tyyni event can be increased to 860.



  • 150 € MPO / FPO


  • 120 € Amateur/Pro divisions
  • 80 € Junior divisions


  • Tjing + Stripe-fees will be added to these entry fees. These are floating fees and should not be more than 10€ in any case.
  • All entry fees includes 6% VAT and 20 € course fees
  • Entry fee does not include Tyyni One Round or other side event fees or any course fees for practise days




  • Registration for Järva Open (DGPT Event) must be done via Discgolfscene.com event. Tyyni registrations via Tjing.se, the same place that will handle scorecards for Tyyni players durring the event.
  • You need to create a Tjing account to register to the Tyyni main and side events.
  • The registration fee is paid immediately when you have registered for the event. Your registration is not confirmed until you have paid and your name is put to the waitlist.
  • Waitlist will hold players until TD lets you into the event, it is to give time for wildcards and move between divisions if spots are available.
  • Payment is done via TjingPay (Stripe). Visa and Mastercard -cards are accepted as well Apple Pay and Google Pay. On DGS it will use paypal as a service like always.
  • All other events/tournaments/side-events have their own entry fees and all available information will be found on the Schedule -page when available
  • Tjing Account for registration is required with profile information fulfilled.


  • PDGA membership is required to play in Tyyni events. You must have an active PDGA membership when trying to register for the event.
  • Finnish/Swedish competition licence is not required from Finnish/Swedish players.
  • PDGA Certified Official test is required in Järva Open X TYYNI


Järva Open x TYYNI | 2.8.-4.8.2024

Tyyni x Järva Open | 1.8-3.8.2024



Tyyni runs with extreme professionalism but still mostly by volunteer work. All the income of the event is put back to the event for players, volunteers, and spectators. In case you want, you can support the event and help us continue the good work in the future. If you wish to sponsor the event as an individual player, it is easiest during the registration. You have two options to add to your registration, with different perks.

+10 € Pizza for volunteers. You support the event and are an awesome person
+50 € Named supporter. With this donation, you will get your name on the speficic Supporter Wall at event center in Järva DGP
+50 € Hole Sponsor. Get a sign with your name on it placed on one of the holes you play. You get to take it home with you.


Think you can ace it? Purchase yourself an entry to Tyyni Ace Pool! 5 euros will get you into Tyyni Ace Pool. In any of the rounds at Tyyni main event, you shall Ace, you will receive a 100 euros cash prize. If you are not in the ace pool and make a hole-in-one, congrats, it’s still a good shot, but no prize given. You can win 1 Ace Pool of 100 euros. In the case of multiple aces, you should fill a lottery ticket.


Even though we’ve had an amazing Player Pack through the years, we want to offer more. During registration, you are able to purchase a special run disc with your OWN NAME customized on it. This design is only for pre-orders during registration and cannot be purchased from anywhere else. DecoDye disc costs 24,90 €. If you wish to add DecoDye mini (with the same graphic), add mini for 12,90 €. Now you also have the option to double the order.

Available until April 1st

Raffle Ticket

Buy raffle tickets to join in on the Saturday raffle bonanza. Physical tickets can/need to be collected when you check in on-site. Prizes can be collected on site or after the event. This is a preorder, if we have tickets left they will be sold on site but you buy at a premium.

Tyyni Technical Discgolf Shirt – Fuzzy Eagle

Tyyni Technical Disc Golf Shirt from Fuzzy Eagle was featured in the Tyyni 2024 players pack. Get a fresh one with custom print of your Tyyni conquest of Sweden in the capital of Stockholm. High-quality and keeps you warm, dry and adds at least 20 meters to your driving distance (results may vary).
Pre purches in Tjing will cost 28,90€
Limited amount on-site at the event.



The most time-consuming task is to choose a tee-off song. It can take many hours so it is wise to do it in advance and not while filling up the registration form. While choosing the song, remember that only the first 30s is played (as you have 30s to tee-off) and that is what makes it so difficult. Your personal favorite song might not have the best intro on it so you better listen to it carefully before typing it down.

We are using the Spotify streaming service to play the songs, so be wise and select a song from their library. If your chosen song is not available on Spotify, we will play a random (or not so random) stupid song instead. You can use Spotify’s free version to browse the service and select the song.

To help us out, put down a Spotify link WITH the song name, thank you.

Go to Spotify by following this link -> https://www.spotify.com/

Here is instructions how to get the link to your song. Thank you Tero Tommola for providing these videos.
Using Mobile device: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEsvFAOBfn4
Using computer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQ9mAkMEK6w

Järva Open x Tyyni - Registration schedule

PHASE - Start date
Rating Limits
Invitation phase - December 7th, 2023
Guaranteed spots & DGPT Tour Pass holders
Phase 1 - February 12th, 2024
MPO 1000+ | FPO 900+
Phase 2 - February 26th, 2024
MPO 970+ | FPO 870+
Phase 3 - March 11th, 2024
MPO 935+ | FPO 835+
Phase 4 - March 25th, 2024
MPO 900+ | FPO ANY

TYYNI x Järva - Registration schedule

PHASE - Start date
Invitation phase - February 6th, 2024
Guaranteed spots, invitations, Wild Cards
Phase 1 - February 12th, 2024
International registration - only players living outside of Sweden. PDGA Rating guideline limit and year limit for MP40, FP40, MP60, MA1, FA1, MA2, FA3, MA3, FA3, MA4, FA4, MA40, MA50, MA60, FA40, MJ18, MJ15, FJ18
Phase 2 - Febrauary 19th, 2024
All players including Sweden can now register. PDGA Rating guideline limit and year limit for MP40, FP40, MP60, MA1, FA1, MA2, FA3, MA3, FA3, MA4, FA4, MA40, MA50, MA60, FA40, MJ18, MJ15, FJ18
Phase 3 - May 31st, 2024
No minimum rating limits for divisions
Registration closed - July 1st, 2024


Q: My name contains characters that Tjing does not accept. Is this a problem?
A: No. Just use your name with letters from A to Z. Your name will be corrected on the PDGA page.

Q: Do I need to have active PDGA membership while registering?
A: Yes. If you don’t have an active PDGA licence the registration cannot validate your division. You do not need a SDGF or FDGA competition licence during the event.

Q: I am a Pro player but not so good. I want to play in the Am -division. Is that possible?
A: Yes it is. Check Pro’s playing AM rating limits from PDGA site: https://www.pdga.com/pdga-documents/tour-documents/divisions-ratings-and-points-factors

Q: If my rating rises too high for the division that I have registered into, can I still play? Can I change my division later?
A: Player is responsible for his eligibility to play in the division he has registered into. If you are not eligible to play in the division, you cannot play at all. Changing the division might not be possible (=if the pool/division you want to play is full, if it is full, there is no room for you). If you are not sure that your rating will rise too high or not, better be safe than sorry and register to a higher division.

Check all the rating limits and other qualification standards from PDGA site: https://www.pdga.com/pdga-documents/tour-documents/divisions-ratings-and-points-factors

Q: I do not have a credit card, can I pay with debit or Visa Electron card?
A: Yes you can. Visa and/or Mastercard is a brand name, not a credit card (=Visa Electron is a Visa card. Mastercard Debit is a Mastercard -card). TjingPay Allowed for cards and apple/google pay.

Q: I forgot to enter my tee-off song. Can I add it later?
A: Yes you can. Email elenktis+tyynisong@gmail.com with all the details and it will be added for your tee time each day.

Q: Event is FULL! I want to play! Should I register on the waitlist?
A: Yes. Notice, you will get a 100% refund if you do not get a spot in the event. Lots of withdrawals will come and it’s highly suggested to register to waitlist, even when the list is hundreds of players long.

Q: What if the event will be cancelled due to COVID-19 or like?
A: In the unfortunate case that the event will be cancelled, we will go with PDGA’s policy. Our goal is to keep you players happy and get the option of a full refund (minus the processing fee) instead of sending you players pack or something else in return. This will be decided if we have a case of cancellation, but keep in mind that we do our best to handle it for the benefit of the players just like in 2020/2021.


  • Entries cannot be exchanged/transferred to anyone else
  • Player pack will not be received if you are not physically able to check in. ID is required
  • Player cannot pick up player packs for anyone else
  • Waitlist players who do not get into the event will receive a 100% cash refund without the service fee.
  • Official withdrawals must be made in tjing and email sent to info@discgolfpark.com. Any other method is not processed as an official withdrawal


  • A processing fee of 5 € will be deducted from all refunds
  • Tjing and Stripe fees are not refundable

If the official withdrawal is done at the latest on July 1st 2024, the refund is 100% of the entry fee

If the official withdrawal is done between July 2nd 2024 and July 16th 2024, the refund is 100% ONLY if the spot can be filled from the waitlist. If the spot can not be filled, the refund is 50% of the entry fee.

If the official withdrawal is done between July 17th 2024 and July 29th 2023, the refund is 100% ONLY if the spot can be filled from the waitlist. If the spot can not be filled, the refund is 25% of the entry fee.

If the official refund is done later than July 30th, the refund is 25% of the entry fee. Players in Amateur and Junior Divisions may choose to take a player pack instead of refund.

Any player who fails to officially withdraw receives NO refund.

In case of cancellation because of COVID-19 or like, we aim to refund the players first or give some other options.