Finland, the land of thousands of lakes and the land of Santa Claus. Yeah, you’ve heard it all before, right? We are pretty confident that you can use Google if you are interested in the history of our country, the most peculiar stats or the political system. What you might not find that easily by Googling is the practical stuff: what kind of weather to expect, how to get around during the tournament, where to stay, how much money to reserve for a dinner in a restaurant etc. We have tried to gather here the most useful stuff but in case there is something you’re missing, just give us a shout.

Main center of Tyyni is located in Sipoo which is the Eastern neighbor of Finland’s capital, Helsinki.

We have gathered a map of Tyyni places and other interesting and useful information on this map.


Several airlines operate to Helsinki airport. We strongly recommend a rental car and/or shared rides, as the public transportation connections to all the tournament sites are not the most convenient if any.

Please do use Google Maps when planning on where to stay so you can get an idea of how long it takes to travel to each course etc.


Compared to most European countries, Finland is a rather expensive place. To get an idea and to plan your budget, check out some average prices from

In Finland, it is not customarily to leave tip in restaurants, and another useful thing to know is that our tap water is totally drinkable and extremely good as well, so feel free to fill out your bottles with the tap water!

Sipoo does not really make difference to the price level, expect to pay the same what you pay in Helsinki.


The weather in Southern Finland in July is the warmest you can get in this latitude. Average temperate during the day is around 18 Celsius. During the daytime, you should expect temperatures from 15 to 25 Celsius. Bring your shorts but as a backup, remember to pack a hoodie.


There are several hotels around the capital area, but the most convenient one for you might not be the one in the center of Helsinki unless you especially want to spend time checking out the sights in there. As the courses are located in Helsinki and in Sipoo, we suggest looking for accommodation in Eastern Vantaa, nearby the airport, in Eastern Helsinki or in Sipoo. You can use search engines such as Trivago, or to look for the hotel. In addition to the hotels, do check out Airbnb as there are lots to choose from in there as well.

Check our recommendations and special deals below.

Joensuun Tila

When you are satisfied only for the best in accommodation and are not shy of the expenses, your choice is the main building of Joensuun Tila. It is located in the tournament center; 50 meters to Sibbe Course hole #1 tee and is the best possible choice when you want to be in the center of the action.

There are 5 double rooms with own shower and 1 triple room with shared toilet and shower. You can choose separate beds or a double, how you wish. High-quality breakfast is served every day.

Visit Joensuun Tila’s website for more information:

Bookings should be made directly with an email to


Juhlamenot, one of the event partners, is a small cottage village very near the event places in Sipoo. They have reserved all of the cabins and apartments for players use and with a good deal (but only for a certain time, act fast!)

Its a really short drive from main event place Sibbe and event courses in Söderkullan kartano and Nevas Golf.

Theres an idyllic yard for hanging out and maybe play catch with other residents or maybe even make a small course with portable baskets on nearby forest. After rounds, maybe hit sauna and grab a cold refreshment while relaxing on a hot tub.

Inside the apartments/cabins theres a kitchen so you can prepare your own food during your stay. Good choice for a long visit as restaurants are not so friendly for your wallet when eating 3 times a day.

Different types of accomodation:

  • Cabin #12 = 6-8 persons
  • Cabin #11= 4 persons
  • Cabin #9 = 4 persons
  • Cabin #6 = 2 persons
  • Cabin # 7 = 2 persons
  • Apartment Blue Moon #1-2 = 4 persons
  • Apartment Blue Moon #3-4 = 4 persons
  • Apartment #8 = 1 person
  • Apartment #1 = 6-8 persons
  • Apartment #4 = 2-3 persons

TOTAL (max) : 40 persons

For more detailed pictures of cabins and apartments, check site:
Every cabin/apartment has fully operative kitchen, bathroom and wc. Bed linen, towels and cleaning is included. Free WIFI covers the whole area and every cabin has at least one television.
Sauna and bathing tub is included in price.

Contact for more info and for reservation:
Martina Majander
Juhlamenot Oy
Vesterängintie 64-8
FI- 01120 Västerskog

Puh. / Tel. : +358 40 5167214
S-posti / e-mail:

Box B&B

Box Bed & Breakfast is a comfy, idyllic guesthouse close to Nevas Golf course and Söderkulla center.

See everything they have to offer from their website:


Joensuun Tila Camping

There are not many camping areas really close to a course so you better make your reservation for camping as soon as possible.

Sibbe Disc Golf is located in Joensuun Tila and it has a small RV village and tent-area and its the best location you can get, right on one of the courses and one distance drive away from the Tournament Center! There is room for 32 RV:s and dozens of tents. Take a look on Joensuun Tila website for more details:

Make a reservation ASAP to get your spot! Sibbe Caravan will be full during the event.