Tyyni is for Disc Golfers who want more than others. An event that provides something extraordinary. Unlike other disc golf events, Tyyni is an experience.

Tyyni is a multi-day disc golf event and experience hosted and operated by NBDG together with Järva DGP and local clubs from Stockholm area. Including DGPT Europe Silver competition for elite-level athletes and A-tier event for all other divisions up to 1000+ participants.

Event was hosted first time at fall of 2013 and has been one of the biggest amateur events in Finland since. After 2017 Tyyni has been the biggest event in Europe and will be again in 2024.

This year, Tyyni experience is taking into new territory as the event is hosted in Stockholm, Sweden together with the Järva Open.

You can come and compete, visit Sweden, meet your disc golf friends or maybe all of these combined. Tyyni is not just a competition, it is an disc golf fairy tale come in real life!

Tyyni 2023 in numbers



PDGA rated rounds



  • 8 days of Disc Golf Experience
  • DGPT Europe Silver Järva Open for professional players and Tyyni for other divisions.
  • Multiple Side-events before the main events – One round C-tier events, Team Battles, Ladies event, Mini Disc Golf, Beer and BBQ night, etc!
  • The main event is sanctioned A-tier and Järva Open part of DGPT Europe. The main event lasts for 3 days and it holds up to almost 1100 players of all levels from amateur to professionals.
  • All amateur players participating in Main Event will receive a high-valued player pack while professional divisions are competing for the large prize pool.
  • When you tee-off you can hear your favorite song blasting from the speakers while your name is announced. This is in EVERY DIVISION, not just the pro players in Open.
  • Järva Open is played on one course and Tyyni plays 3 different courses on 3 different days.
  • Meeting lots of friends, old and new!