Tyyni was hosted first time in 2013 and has been one of the biggest amateur events in Finland since.
On 2017, Westside Discs Tyyni in was officially the biggest disc golf event in Europe with 468 participating players. We had 13 different nationalities and 80 international players outside Finland.
On 2018 we raised the numbers even more! 751 players from 16 different countries and over 200 players outside of Finland.
2019 Tyyni was once again bigger better and breaking records. 958 players in main event and over 1100 players in total from 16 different countries and over 300 players outside of Finland.
Tyyni has been an experience every year, but making it so extraordinary makes all the players want to come back year after year.
You can come and compete, visit Finland, meet your disc golf friends or maybe all of these combined. Tyyni is not just a competition, it is an disc golf fairy tale in reality!

In case you miss Tyyni and are not able to join the fun, don’t worry! We will have a post production videos from MPO feature and lead cards and also a lot of live videos from play-to-play action to side-events and general atmosphere.

Tyyni Event Specifications

  • 11 days of Disc Golf Experience
  • Multiple Side-events like 1 round C-tier events, Ladies event, Mini Disc Golf, Beer and BBQ night etc!
  • The main event is sanctioned A-tier and lasts for 3 days. It holds up to 1028 players of all levels from amateur to professionals.
  • All players participating Main Event will receive an amazing player pack. Amateurs, you better have a heart monitor with you!
  • when you tee-off you can hear your favorite song blasting from the speakers while your name is announced. This is in EVERY DIVISION, not just the pro players in Open.
  • All divisions play 3 different courses in 3 different days.
  • Meeting lots of friends, old and new!

Players having a good time before players meeting

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