The Biggest Disc Golf Event in Europe.

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Night activities on Thursday 28th of June

On Thursday night 28th of June there is night activities on Sibbe Disc Golf at the tournament center stage. At 20:00 starts a free Disc Golf Trivia which is hosted by Tero Tommola from Team Dynamic Discs. If you have a good knowledge about Disc Golf and its history,...

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Jussin Kisat Doubles event

Jussin Kisat doubles event will start Tyyni 2018 on Thursday 21st of June. Its a Flex Start Doubles event, come with your own partner between 16:00 and 19:00 to Villa Sibbe and play a round. Entry fee is 10€/pair and is paid with cash when registering on site....

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Sponsor Announcement: Approved Clothing

Approved Clothing  is a new Finnish start-up brand which we are proud to have as a sponsor in Tyyni 2018. Every division top 3 will receive AC product pack! You will also find Approved Clothing for sale in Tyyni FlyMart. APPROVE [UH-PROOV] "THAT MEANS APPROVED YOU DO...

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What Is Tyyni?

The Biggest Disc Golf Event in Europe

With 800 players, Tyyni is the Biggest Disc Golf event played in Europe. 18 different divisions offered from Open to all Amateurs



With huge amount of players participating Tyyni, you will get real competition on your own division. Not forgetting all the side-events, you can compete in multiple different events during the same week!


Let’s put the amazing main event on the side and take a look at everything else. Board Games, Bungee jumping, BBQ, 1 round C-tier events, Vendors square, Players party etc…

It is sad to say, but Tyyni is so much, that no-one most likely cannot participate everything this event is offering. It is just too much! Challenge accepted?


4 different courses. Lots of side-events. Surprises. Tyyni is not just an Disc Golf competition, it is an festival that lasts for the whole week!

Current World Champions Ricky Wysocki and Paige Pierce are coming to make their best on this event, why don’t you too?


Friends - old and new

800 players + lots of spectators getting together in a small town, playing disc golf.

Its guaranteed you will meet your disc golfing friends all over the world and of course, make new ones.


In 2018 Tyyni will be played for the 6th time.

Once you have been in Tyyni, you will come again. And again. And again.

Tyyni 2017 in numbers





At the airport now, looking back on an amazing week. The courses were all beautiful in their own way, and I’m sure further improvements will be made before next year to make them even better (golf course sounds fun).

Thank you for hosting such an awesome event, we look forward to bringing more of our friends along for Tyyni 2018!

Special thanks to my card mates during the tournament, and to all involved in hosting, for making this my best disc golf experience so far.

Tommy Steingrimsen, Norway

I’ll never forget this event and i’ll never forget Finland and can’t wait to come back. You guys just exude what disc golf is about, friendship, courtesy, sportsmanship and yet you still want to beat the living hell out of each other.

This is fantastic. You stole my heart Tyyni, I will return to get it back.

Steve Kornmuller, UK

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Tournament Staff

Juha Kytö

Juha Kytö

Event Coordinator


Terhi Kytö

Terhi Kytö

Event Operator


Gabriel Särkelä

Gabriel Särkelä

Main Tournament Director


Ari Väisänen

Ari Väisänen

Art Director


Tiina Riekkola

Tiina Riekkola

Nevas Course TD


Matti Koskenmäki

Matti Koskenmäki

Kartano Course TD


Dean Schaub

Dean Schaub

Sibbe Course TD

Reima Innala

Reima Innala

Keinukallio Course TD


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Proud Sponsors