The Biggest Disc Golf Event in Europe and an experience of a lifetime

Tyyni is a multi-day disc golf event and experience hosted and operated by Natural Born Disc Golfer.
Tyyni was first played in 2013 and has been one of the biggest amateur events in Finland since. On 2017, Westside Discs Tyyni in was officially the biggest disc golf event in Europe with 468 participating players. We had 13 different nationalities and 80 international players outside Finland.
2018 we broke the previous record, we had 751 players from 16 different nationalities. Over 200 players from outside hosting country.
2019 its time to break records again. We will have room for 800 players and expecting to have full field registered immediately.
You can come and compete, visit Finland, meet your disc golf friends or maybe all of these combined. Tyyni is not just a competition, it is an experience!

Tyyni Event Specifications

  • 11 days of Disc Golf Experience
  • Multiple Side-events like 1 round C-tier events, Ladies event, Mini Disc Golf, Beer and BBQ night etc!
  • The main event is sanctioned A-tier and lasts for 3 days. It holds up to 800 players of all levels from amateur to professionals.
  • All players participating Main Event will receive an amazing player pack. Amateurs, you better have a heart monitor with you!
  • when you tee-off you can hear your favorite song blasting from the speakers while your name is announced. This is in EVERY DIVISION, not just the pro players in Open.
  • All divisions play 3 different courses in 3 different days.
  • Meeting lots of friends, old and new!

4th stage of Registration starts in

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Main event entry fees include sanctioning and course fees for the main event, prizes inside division and players pack.



Entry fee to A-tier main event

Course fees during the main event

Player pack for pro players

Net Cash Payout 80%

Other Pro


Entry fee to A-tier main event

Course fees during the main event

Player pack for pro players

Net Cash Payout 80%



Entry fee to A-tier main event

Course fees during the main event

Player pack for Amateur players

Payout over 200%

Voucher Prizes in selected divisions

Tyyni Staff

Amongts of many volunteers, Tyyni is ran by core staff team. We are doing all we can to serve you the best disc golf experience you can imagine.

Juha Kytö (FIN)

Event Coordinator

Gabriel Särkelä (FIN)

Tournament Director

Ari Väisänen (FIN)

Art Director

Terhi Kytö (FIN)

Event Operator

Mikko Wikman (FIN)

Competition Manager

Marika Salmi (FIN)

Media Manager

Dean Schaub (NL)

Course TD


Stay up to date what is happening around Tyyni 2019

Etsitään vapaaehtoisia / Volunteers wanted.

Haluatko olla mukana rakentamassa euroopan suurinta frisbeegolftapahtumaa? Ilmoittaudu mukaan oheisella lomakkeella. Tapahtuma on mittapuultaan todella suuri ja vapaaehtoisten panos on ensiarvoisen tärkeää järjestelyjen onnistumiseksi. Erilaisia tehtäviä on aina ratojen rakentamisesta tulosten syöttämiseen ja pelaajapakettien jakamiseen eli varsin monipuolista. Voit osallistua vapaaehtoiseksi vaikka et osaisi lajia tai sen sääntöjä. Myös valo- ja videokuvaajat ovat enemmän kuin

Tyyni 2019 live scoring provided by UDisc Live

Tyyni organization is happy to announce the partnership made with UDisc about providing the highly detailed live scoring system for Tyyni 2019 for the second year in a row. Words from UDisc Co-Founder Josh Lichti: UDisc is thrilled to partner again with the Dynamic Discs Tyyni 2019 to bring instant scoring and statistics to the

Estimated payouts in pro divisions 2019

If we have a full fields in Tyyni 2019 within the professional divisions, the total payout climbs up close to total of 20 000€ which is close to 23 000 US dollars.  Payouts are 80% of net entry fees (taxes and course fees reduced) and in MPO division there is 3000 € added cash and