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Here you can find the most frequently asked questions and answers to them. Before contacting us, please read them through. 

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Q: Two Tyyni main events, what’s going on?
A: Yes, since we now have moved over to Järva and are combining Tyyni with the DGPT Silver Järva open we will have one main event for Open players and Tyyni x Järva for all other divisions. These two events are played in one weekend so you after your round can go and watch your favorite pro player.

Top players will compete from August 2nd to August 4th in Järva Open x Tyyni, which is also part of the new DGPT Europe. The Tyyni x Järva is closer to the “regular Tyyni” with 704 initial spots and a lot of divisions to choose from. Tyyni x  Järva will be played from August 1st to August 3rd. All week starting on the 28th of July we Tyyni One Rounds and other side events.

Q: The main event is 3 days? And 3 different courses? Why there are dates for 8 days?
A: Yes, that is correct. Let’s clear it out. Tyyni event is a full 8 days festival of disc golf from Sunday 28th July to Sunday 4th of August. The Tyyni week contains multiple separate side-events like One Round PDGA C-tiers, Team Battle, Putting contents etc. The event is concluded with the “main event” which is this time the DGPT Silver Event for top professionals and big Tyyni event for all other divisions. 

Tyyni event will feature 3 different courses for all 3 rounds on every division. One different course per each day. DGPT event is played only at the Järva DGP. You can find the information on the registration page HERE.

Q: But I do not want to play 8 days. I want to play one day. Or just the full event.
A: You can do that! Come and participate on as many events you wish to! The side-events during the week are open for all participants and not limited to those who are playing in the main events. You can come and enjoy just one round of fun disc golf with friends in a friendly competition or grind your buttocks out of disc golf during the whole 8 days!

Q: How about the registration?
A: Registration will be available via DiscGolfScene.com for pro’s and Tjing for Amateur/Masters
–> LINK to registration for Järva Open x Tyyni (DGPT Silver)
–> LINK to registration for TYYNI x JÄRVA

Q: Is there some rules to know about?
A: Yes, of course. At Tyyni we are following current PDGA rules and competition manual. Järva Open is also part of the DGPT Europe tour (MPO/FPO) and there are some specific rules concerning the tour.

Q: Do I need PDGA membership or something else?
A: Yes, Tyyni (both Järva Open and Tyyni) is an PDGA A-tier sanctioned event and among PDGA rules you must have a current PDGA membership. Current PDGA membership is required while registering and playing the event. In Järva Open the Certified Official -test is required.

Q: How long should I stay there?
A: We suggest to take enough time for your trip and get all out of the Tyyni experience. If you are going to play at Tyyni, it is suggested to start your Tyyni around June 28th. Join in on the action of the C-tier qualifier at Järva to have a chanse for a spot to the Järva Open. Start the week with some Tyyni One Rounds from July 28th to July 31st, then give your best at Tyyni  x Järva and enjoy the entire week. Book your trip back home for Sunday 4th.

Q: What about all the side events? When can I register for those?
A: Registrations for Tyyni One Rounds and other side events will be opened during spring 2024. Follow our releases on Tyyni website and be ready when the registrations begin. Event schedule will be updated regularly for more information.
-> LINK to registration for Tyyni One Rounds
-> LINK to registration for Tyyni Team Battles

Q: What kind of non-disc golf program is coming?
A: Work in progress

Q: When you are going to post tee-times?
A: Tee-times for the first round will be posted at the latest on Tuesday or Wednesday of the event week. Tee-times for second and third rounds are posted on previous evening, after all groups and courses have finished.

Q: Can I play with my friend/brother/mother-in-law? Can I play in the last groups because I am lazy to wake up?
A: You can’t choose your tee-time or your group. It is formed by gods of randomizing.

Q: I can’t find and answer here. What to do?
A: You can contact us via email to contact@tyyni.com



  • Added cash at least 5 000 €
  • Added cash is distributed to these two divisions with the number of players in divisions
  • The top 30% of players per division are paid

TYYNI x JÄRVA, professional divisions

  • Payout percent in Pro -divisions is ~80%
  • Top 30% of players per division are paid
  • 6% VAT and the 20€ course fees is deducted from the entry fee

TYYNI x JÄRVA, amateur divisions

  • PDGA sanctioned true amateur event in amateur divisions. “True Amateur” means that the event is Trophy Only.
  • Payout in every amateur division is over 100% (player pack, trophies etc. value is included)
  • Järva DGP adds a Bonus Payout to top finishers in selected divisions
  • Bonus payout (vouchers):

Notice! Withholding tax 15% will be reduced from foreign players prizes.