Q: Two Tyyni main events, what’s going on?
A: Yes, we have now two Tyyni main events – EPT Tyyni Open for top players and Tyyni X for all divisions. These two events are played in two weekends after each other. Top players will compete from June 30th to July 2nd in Tyyni Open, which is also part of the European Pro Tour. The Tyyni X is closer to the “regular Tyyni” with 1032 spots and a lot of divisions to choose from. Tyyni X will be played from July 6th to July 8th. All days between these two main events will filled with Tyyni One Rounds and other side events.

Q: How about the registration?
A: Registration will be available via DiscGolfScene.com
–> LINK to registration for TYYNI OPEN (European Pro Tour)
–> LINK to registration for TYYNI X

Q: Is there some rules to know about?
A: Yes, of course. In Tyyni we are following current PDGA rules and competition manual + competition rules from Finnish DGA. Tyyni Open is also part of the European Pro Tour (MPO/FPO) and there are some specific rules concerning the tour.

Q: Do I need PDGA membership or something else?
A: Yes, Tyyni (both Tyyni Open and Tyyni X) is an PDGA A-tier sanctioned event and among PDGA rules you must have a current PDGA membership. Current PDGA membership is not required while registering, but it is required when playing in the event. Finnish players must also have a current SFL competition licence. In Tyyni Open also the Certified Official -test is required.

Q: How long should I stay there?
A: We suggest to take enough time for your trip and get all out of the Tyyni experience. If you are going to play in Tyyni X, it is suggested to start your Tyyni around June 30th. First take some chilling time and come watch European top players competiting in EPT Tyyni Open. On Sunday July 2nd join the anniversary party, play some Tyyni One Rounds from July 3rd to July 5th, then give your best at Tyyni X and finally join the award ceremony on July 8th. Book your trip back home for Sunday 9th.

Q: What about all the side events? When can I register for those?
A: Registrations for Tyyni One Rounds and other side events will be opened during spring 2023. Follow our releases on Tyyni website and be ready when the registrations begin. Event schedule will be updated regularly for more information.

Q: What kind of non-disc golf program is coming?
A: Work in progress. At least we going to have a combined party on Sunday July 2nd. We will have the award ceremony for EPT Tyyni Open and Tyyni 10th time anniversary ceremony combined to one big party. And of course there will be award ceremony for Tyyni X players on July 8th. What else? Hmm, let’s see. There is a lot of plans on the background.

Q: When you are going to post tee-times?
A: Tee-times for the first round will be posted at the latest on Monday or Tuesday of the event week. Tee-times for second and third rounds are posted on previous evening, after all groups and courses have finished.

Q: Can I play with my friend/brother/mother-in-law? Can I play in the last groups because I am lazy to wake up?
A: You can’t choose your tee-time or your group. It is formed by gods of randomizing.


Updated April 13th, 2023. Read more about the update HERE



  • Added cash at least 20 000 €
  • Added cash is distributed to these two divisions with the number of players in divisions
  • The top 40% of players per division are paid
  • 10% VAT and the 20€ course fees is deducted from the entry fee, 20€ goes to European Pro Tour + EPT All-Stars prize pools

TYYNI X, professional divisions

  • Payout percent in Pro -divisions is ~80% (player pack, trophies etc. value is not included in payout)
  • Top 40% of players per division are paid
  • 10% VAT and the 20€ course fees is deducted from the entry fee

TYYNI X, amateur divisions

  • PDGA sanctioned true amateur event in amateur divisions. “True Amateur” means that the event is Trophy Only.
  • Payout in every amateur division is over 100% (player pack, trophies etc. value is included)
  • NBDG adds a Bonus Payout to top finishers in selected divisions
  • Bonus payout (vouchers):
MA1 FA1 MA40 FA40
1 300 200 300 150
2 250 150 250 100
3 200 120 200 80
4 150 80 150
5 120 70 120
6 100 100
7 80 80
8 80 80
9 70 70
10 60 60

Total cash payout in Tyyni 2023 with full field equals around 50 000€ cash prize pool and Amateur division payouts over 150% (player packs and services included).

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