Q: How about the registration?
A: Check the Registration info page -> click.

Q: Can I pick up my players pack later?
A: There are designated times for the pick up during wednesday and thursday (morning). We highly recommend to check-in and pick your players pack in wednesday.

Q: Can my friend sign me in and pick my players pack?
A: No. You need to sign in and pick it up personally and be able to proof your ID.

Q: Is players meeting mandatory? How about Opening Ceremony?
A: No it is not. But it is highly recommended to participate as it is part of the event and experience. It’s more of an get together than an actual player meeting with boring official stuff. Thats why it is called Opening Ceremony and not players meeting. Your actual player meeting is before your round, at the course you are playing in, 10 minutes before your tee-time. Be there or you are in a lot of trouble.

Q: When you are going to post tee-times?
A: Tee-times will be posted on Tuesday night 23rd of June.
Q: Can I play with my friend/brother/mother-in-law? Can I play in the last groups because I am lazy to wake up?
A: You can’t choose your tee-time or your group. It is formed by gods of randomizing.
Q:When is my division playing?
A: Here is the order of divisions within pools.
Pool A: FPO, MPO.
Pool B: MA1
Pool C: MA40, MP40.
Pool D: MA2, MP50. 
Pool E: MA3 
Pool F: MA4, FA4, MP60, FA3, FA2, FA40, FP40, FA1




At Tyyni 2020 we have added cash of 10 000€ to the Pro divisions. Added cash is distributed to all professional divisions with the number of players in divisions.

80% of the entry fee goes to the division’s prize pool. Top 25% is paid.
Payout% in Pro -divisions is 80% (players pack, trophies etc. value is not included in payout%)

10% VAT and the 15€ course fee + 5€ PDGA fee is deducted from the entry fee, before calculating the payout percentage.

Total prize pool is estimated to be over 40 000€.


MA1 FA1 MA40 FA40
1 300 200 300 150
2 250 150 250 100
3 200 120 200 80
4 150 80 150
5 120 70 120
6 100 100
7 80 80
8 80 80
9 70 70
10 60 60

Tyyni is a trophy only A-Tier event. NBDG adds a Bonus Payout to a select group of top finishers in selected divisions.

Payout in every amateur division is over 100% (players pack, trophies etc. value is included in payout%)



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