All the courses are available for practice starting on Monday the 24th of June.

You can find all the times when courses are open for practice, from the Schedule page -> click.

This means:

  • Practicing during Flex Start/1 round events is not possible.
  • Practicing during the main event rounds is not allowed! You cannot practice the tournament courses until all the players have finished their rounds at the course.
  • Practicing outside of the given hours in the schedule is not allowed.

Nevas Golf – all playing must be pre-registered

You need to book a tee-time for yourself to practice in Nevas Golf, it is mandatory to prebook it. This is to avoid the unexpected huge amount of players coming to practice at once. Nevas Golf is also a pay-to-play course and you need to pay for your practice round while booking a tee-time.

The practice is available also for players that are not playing in Tyyni main event.

Sibbe Disc Golf is pay-to-play course

Sibbe Disc Golf is a pay-to-play course, daily fee can be purchased from Info Truck, Café Sibbe, and NBDG webshop.

The season ticket is not valid during Tyyni week.

Other courses

Keinukallio, Kivikko, Ford DGP, and Kartano are free to play.

Practice schedule

  • Check the event schedule -> click.
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