The whole TYYNI experience will spread out for several courses and other venues.

Järva Open x TYYNI

  • Järva DiscgolfPark (Järva), Järva DGPTLayout


  • Lundbyparken (Enköping), Blue/Green layout
  • Västerhaninge (Haninge), Standard layout
  • Rudan (Handen), Alpha layout
  • Lillsjön (Kungsängen), Main


  • Tyyni One Round events: Same four courses that are played in TYYNI X, added with Kärsön, Åkersberga, Bålsta
  • Tyyni Evening Doubles events: Järva Discgolf Park (Järva), Lundbyparken (Enköping), Rudan (Handen)
  • Practice area: Järva Discgolf Park (Järva), Rudan (Handen), Västerhaninge (Haninge)

 Detailed course information below

Check this map of Tyyni 2024 event places -> Google Maps



  • Course maps and Tyyni X caddy book can be downloaded HERE (LINK TBA)
  • Järva Master Layout will be limited when the one round events are over since the pro players need the course for practice.
  • Currently published maps are for preliminary use and there might be changes. All the hole lengths are estimated, confirmed lengths will be announced after the courses have been finalised.
  • There might be minor changes on other courses


Järva DiscgolfPark is the main event center for all Tyyni activities and happenings. Located at the beautiful Järva DGP hill, Järva offers all needed services on site. You can not only play disc golf, but also eat tasty food, take cold drinks, walk a short distance to the hotel, spectate elite disc golf during DGPT Silver Järva Open X TYYNI and a lot more.

  • Address: Akallalänken 10, 164 74 Kista (GOOGLE MAPS)
  • Event center, check-in, players pack pick-up, award ceremonies
  • Course map and detailed course information will be published later.
  • Tyyni X play-off holes at Järva: 10, 11, 17, 18
  • NOTICE! There are two different layouts to be played in Tyyni events
  • Järva DGPT Layout is played in both Järva Open x TYYNI and one round c-tier and doubles.
  • Udisc

 Lundbyparken, Enköping

Lundbyparken is one of Sweden’s best courses with a growing playerbase. Created by Oscar Axelsson it is turning our to be a challenging but fun course and will this year be a great addition to the Tyyni X courses. Some changes to the regular course might be done for Tyyni.

  • Lundbyparken is a mix of wooded and open holes with challenging OB and two separate layouts.
  • Play-off holes at Lundbyparken: 18, 1, 2
  • Udisc

Lillsjön, Kungsängen

Lillsjön is one of the more fun courses just a throw away from Järva and will test even the most eager players with its good lines and fun greens. A solid course with a good layout that still has room to excite even the local players.
It has a large area around it for recreation and a lot of people visit the lake nearby with its good amenities. 

  • Address: Lillsjö badväg, 196 35 Kungsängen (GOOGLE MAPS)
  • Mostly wooded with long and short holes for all players
  • Play-off holes at Lillsjön are 1, 2, 3
  • UDisc

Västerhaninge, Haninge

Västerhaninge Disc golf course is located at an area also known as Nytorps Ängar in Västerhaninge.

In the early 1990s, a project was started by Haninge municipality. The plan was to create a large football event similar to Gothenburg’s Gothia Cup. Lawns were laid and football pitches were built. This project was later discontinued and the meadows instead became a popular walking area with running tracks and mountain bike trails.

In 2012, Södertörn’s Frisbee Club started working on the track. They got up 12 holes with baskets and tees. Then not much happened with the track. The municipality cut the grass and the course has been visited by a few disc golfers.
In 2018, Västerhaninge Discgolf Club had the opportunity to take care of the course. They then began long-term work together with the municipality. They have now created an 18-hole course that they are very proud of. In 2019, the baskets were replaced with new baskets and we now have proper tees on all holes. A super good and hard course for any beginner and a challenge for the MA1 players for shure. 

  • Address: 137 32 Västerhaninge (GOOGLE MAPS)
  • Challenging course with a good variety of holes. You have tight woods, open park, and some elevation.
  • Play-off holes at Västerhaninge: 1, 16, 17, 18
  • Udisc

Rudan, Handen

A lush green course on open and wooded fairways with the opportunity to throw some bombs. It is not much elevation but the OB can give you a hard time on this course. One of Stockholms funniest is to play with your buddies or for doubles. 

  • Address: Rudanvägen 39, 136 50 Haninge (GOOGLE MAPS)
  • Nice course with a good variety of holes. Very suitable for amateur divisions
  • Open fairways in and out of the woods
  • Play-off holes at Rudan: 1, 2, 3, 16
  • Udisc


A few puts away from Lillsjön you can play the Bålsta course and it is a wooded long course with good lines for righties and lefties. It will get you going when doing a few runs for the baskets.

  • Address: Vibyspåret 1, 746 37 Bålsta (GOOGLE MAPS)
  • Wooded course with fun lines
  • Play-off holes at Bålsta 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Udisc


A course with good elevation and open to wooded fairways. Challenging but fun holes give all divisions a run for their money.

  • Address: Malvavägen, 184 35 Åkersberga (GOOGLE MAPS)
  • Up and down 
  • Woods and open fairways
  • Play-off holes at Åkersberga 1, 2, 12
  • Udisc


There are currently 32 holes on Kärsön, where 6 of the holes have alternative tee’s (pro tee). Most of the holes have received new tee’s and thanks to the voluntary contributions that come in every year, all the old baskets have now been replaced with modern baskets. The course offers great variety for both elite players and ams.

  • Address: 178 93 Stockholm (GOOGLE MAPS)
  • A lot of different holes for all kind of players
  • Play-off holes at Kärsön 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Udisc