Tyyni 2020 is played on 6 different courses. Every division will play different course every day (1 round/day). This makes 3 courses/player.

All of the courses are suitable for all skill levels, specially for intermediate amateurs.

All 2020 courses will be announced before registration starts.

Confirmed courses for 2020 event:
Sibbe Disc Golf
Nevas Golf
Ford DGP

Below you can find information about Tyyni 2019 courses and layouts. 


Check this map of Tyyni 2019 event places -> Google Maps

Sibbe Disc Golf  located in Söderkulla, Sipoo

Tournament info center, check-in, and players pack retrieval, award ceremony, Flymart, and players party.

This is preliminary course map. Minor adjustments could be made for the event. Hole lengths are estimated (will be measured with a laser when the course is ready).


Söderkullan Kartano, located in Söderkulla, Sipoo.

Pop-up course built in a park and wooded areas. Some holes are short and some holes are not. If you are a technical player, you can easily dodge bogeys but you need to do your best to catch those birdies.

Preliminary course map for 2019.

Ford DGP, Tuusula

Ford DGP is a wooded, challenging course located in Tuusula. It is featured in Tyyni at almost the same layout as normally. Two extra holes are added and 2 of the normal holes removed.

Preliminary Course Map

Nevas Golf, located in Nevas, Sipoo

Pop-up course built-in a ball golf course Nevas Golf. Over here, its good to have the distance in your shots,  but if you are missing your technical shots, bogeyman will get you!

Preliminary course map for Nevas Golf

Keinukallio in Kerava

Challenging course with a good variety of holes. You have tight woods, open park, lots of elevation and flat surfaces.



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