Tee-times for third round

by | Jul 8, 2022

Tee-times and groups for third round has been published for all pools.

REMEMBER to double-check your tee-time. Probably there will be more late withdrawals for the last round than earlier. Check your tee-time now, when you go to sleep and as the first thing when you wake up.

POOL A (EPT) – https://discgolfmetrix.com/?u=scorecard_groups&ID=2207574

POOL B – https://discgolfmetrix.com/?u=scorecard_groups&ID=2207593

POOL C – https://discgolfmetrix.com/?u=scorecard_groups&ID=2207620

POOL D – https://discgolfmetrix.com/?u=scorecard_groups&ID=2207640

POOL E – https://discgolfmetrix.com/?u=scorecard_groups&ID=2207667

POOL F – https://discgolfmetrix.com/?u=scorecard_groups&ID=2207689