On the final day of Tyyni and Järva Open, in the tournament center Järva DGP, Flymart will take place right next to the award ceremony area, with the atmosphere of players party on spot. All the players, officials, spectators and locals will come out and celebrate the awards, enjoy music and of course, visit the Flymart.

Are you interested in vending at the 2024 Tyyni Flymart? As a vendor, hundreds of players and disc golfers will come to see you and your products. Flymart will be something special for the vendors as well as for the visitors. See some of the details below.

  1. All Disc Golf related gear and apparel are eligible for sale, regardless of the manufacturer.
  2. No stock-stamped discs, regardless of the manufacturer. All discs in sale must be specially customized (e.g. Club discs, player fundraisers etc.)
  3. All custom-stamped discs are eligible for sale, regardless of the manufacturer. 
  4. Vendors will be able to sell merchandise during the Tyyni Flymart on Thursday-Sunday, August 1st to 4th from 08:00 to 19:00
  5. Be prepared to bring your own table, chairs, etc if needed. If you are not eligible to do that (like in case of touring pro), contact us for assistance.
  6. Tyyni staff reserves the right to deny a vendor request based on the product they want to sell. The Tyyni Flymart is not the place to sell goods or services related to alcohol, illegal drugs, pornography, and/or other potentially offensive products.


If you are interested in vending at the Tyyni Flymart, please get in touch with Mikko Wikman (mike@nbdg.fi) for reservations and Quote for vending fees.

The last day to reserve a vending space at the Tyyni Flymart will be June 25th.

Teemu Pykälä from Mad Dyes selling his discs in Tyyni 2017