Tyyni and COVID-19 (aka coronavirus)

by | Mar 23, 2021

We are living late March and news are (again) filled with events being canceled or hosted for empty seats. Coronavirus is not just affecting all the mainstream events and life, but also our everyday disc golf life. This is just a short note for all the event attendees are players/spectators thinking of attending.

Tyyni – The Biggest Disc Golf Event in Europe is not an exception while looking at the possibility of virus outbreaks. We have almost 1000 players playing at the same time, in different courses, but there are also events and gatherings where we should take some actions to prevent the worse to happen.

Right now, with the knowledge we have, there is no reason to take any further actions in Tyyni on the organization side. In case the coronavirus spreads more, there are steps of action we will take, instead of immediately canceling everything.

1st step, present day:

We take no actions with the event itself. Tyyni staff recommends all the players to be aware of the situation and avoid all unnecessary contact with other players. If you remember “Marko and Mike” video where Marko was left without fistbump, that is what we want you to do. 

Instead of high-fiving and fist-bumping, use verbal communication to complement each other. When your group offers you fistbumps or high-fives, just leave them hanging and complement by words.

Take good care of your personal hygiene and especially wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water. Think of you just chopped handful of jalapenos and your eyes are itchy. It takes only 20 seconds to wash your hands thoroughly with soap.

2nd step, if needed:

We cancel all “mass gatherings” in Tyyni. This means some side-events where we will gather together and Opening Ceremony, Award Ceremony and Players Party.

Player packs are delivered with special arrangements.

No spectators allowed on the courses.

3rd step, if needed

We will take some extra steps to avoid all extra confrontations. This means some special arrangements for the courses and side-events.

4th, and the not wanted step

If requested by the authorities, Tyyni will be canceled. This will be an EXTREMELY UNLIKELY event to happen. Disc golf is not a sport where everyone is altogether at the same time, but only 4 people together when playing the round.

With extra caution, we could all play the event with almost every side-event, taking care of all the needed precautions together. 

Event cancellation will occur only if requested by the authorities.

What happens now?

We will take a close eye on the events and the virus epidemic around the world, and take action when needed. Let’s make all the best we can to prevent the worse. Wash your hands, leave your friends hanging and just complement them verbally, avoid unnecessary mass gatherings.

Extra information

Here are PDGA:s guidelines and information regarding coronavirus:

Best Regards,

Juha Kytö
Event Coordinator

Mikko Wikman
Tournament director

NBDG Tyyni – The Biggest Disc Golf Event in Europe