Tyyni 2021 – Player Guide

Your Tyyni 2021 player guide will be the website www.tyyni.com combined with the Tyyni mobile App. In this post, we have gathered together the organizers’ welcome text and the most important tips, and what to know.

Welcome to the NBDG Tyyni 2021 sponsored by Latitude 64 – The Biggest Disc Golf Event in Europe

Every person on this planet knows what has been going on in the world for about 1,5 years now so let’s not get too deep into that. Keeping that in mind, our welcome text to you has a much different tone than it would have in a normal situation. Or would have been at 2020 Tyyni if that was to be organized.

There are a lot of things we need to compromise so not everything is as good as it could be. We are missing a lot of side-events, including the Opening Ceremony. A lot of different extra steps on normal everyday things and care-taking has taken our resources quite a lot. 

While you might already see Tyyni as a great event and experience, it is actually just a larva developing to be an eye-catching adult butterfly. Even though this year’s event has not started yet properly, the focus is already on the future. Big things coming!

Past two years we have been working on the organization chart to make the event more sustainable and able to grow in the future, which means there are definitely things that might have fallen between two persons and might not be the best organized matter. These are typical growing pains and hopefully, we have minimized all these that are not related to the pandemic.

Tyyni has always been a fun, low-entry level competition but also an experience. It’s about spending time with friends and soon-to-be friends, both on course and specially off the course. With the pandemic still present, let’s try to enjoy as much of this while keeping us all safe. Remember to keep a bit distance from others, avoid unnecessary contacts and sanitize your hands.

This time, we are NOT making history with the biggest event ever in Europe. This is still of course the biggest event in Europe this year.

We are missing almost all of the players outside of Finland and I believe the players are missing Tyyni as well. Our total player count is around 700 players for the main event. Last time we had so “few” players was 2018. 

But for all those who are here. You don’t want to miss ANYTHING that is happening around, so make sure you check the updated schedule from the website and from Tyyni Mobile App. Attend as many side-events as possible, that is the main idea when enjoying Tyyni-week.

If you have not downloaded the Tyyni App yet, do it NOW! It is the most important tool for you as it holds all the information in one place and please, leave push notifications on as we send push notifications from important updates like when the next round tee-times are published or if something is changed in the schedule. The App is your caddie book and players guide.

Tyyni is hosted by Natural Born Disc Golfer with local disc golf clubs from neighbouring cities of Tuusula, Kerava and Porvoo. Thank you Frisbeegolf Club Keinukallio, Frisbeegolfclub Hyrylä and Porvoon frisbeegolfseura. Not forgetting all the people helping out all over from Finland. 

This size of an event would not be possible without volunteers and especially without sponsors. Remember to thank a volunteer when you see one, they are doing 1100 rated volunteer work. Remember to use our sponsor’s services when available, they are making YOUR experience the best possible and using their services you can give back to them.

I personally hope you will enjoy Tyyni -experience as much as possible and we all at NBDG and organizing staff have made my best effort towards it for the last year. 

Bang those chains and enjoy your time in Tyyni. Meet your friends and make new ones. This week is most likely the best Disc Golf week you ever had!

Juha Kytö
Tyyni Founder
Natural Born Disc Golfer

Mikko Wikman
Tyyni Event Coordinator & TD

The whole Tyyni staff and volunteers

What to know – Courses

All the course information will be in the Courses page on Tyyni website.
Find it here: https://www.tyyni.com/courses/

What to know – Ramirent Nevas Golf

Nevas Golf has the same positive problem that Disc Golf does have. Active golfers have been multiplied more than anyone has expected and this causes a parking problem. From Tuesday to Saturday you are not allowed to park your car in Nevas. You can be dropped at Nevas by own car but parking is not allowed.

If you need to park your car due to medical reasons, contact TD Mikko Wikman by email mike@nbdg.fi

To tackle this problem we have organized a free shuttle bus service to Nevas that you are required to use if you do not have your own ride to Nevas.

Bus schedule for Tuesday’s Tyyni One Round event: HERE

Schedules for main event days Thu-Sat will be published later. First bus will start from Neste one hour before first tee-time.

You are also more than welcomed to visit the Nevas Clubhouse and restaurant but you must wear your mask inside. You also have to wear a mask during the shuttle bus ride.

We definitely would not like the situation either but we have to work around this together the best we can. Please use the bus service if you don’t have anyone to drop you to Nevas. You might need to turn around and drive back to Neste if you come with your own car and there is no parking space. Do not miss your round because of this!

Bussin lähtö- ja paluupaikka | Bus start and end stop

Neste K Sipoonlahti
Eriksnäsintie 131, Söderkulla
Google Maps

Matka-aika Neste – Nevas noin 20 minuuttia.
Estimated time from Neste to Nevas about 20 minutes

1. Valitse sopiva kuljetus aikataulusi mukaan
2. Pysäköi auto Nesteelle
3. Matkusta bussilla Nevakseen
4. Kierroksen jälkeen hyppää bussiin Nevaksessa ja tule sen kyydillä Nesteelle

1. Pick a suitable ride from the schedule
2. Park your car to Neste
3. Travel with shuttle bus to Nevas
4. After your round, take bus back to Neste

What to know – Tee-times

Tee-times for the main event will be posted on Tuesday late night. Even when posted, remember to check your tee-time DAILY at the morning before your round. It might change.

Tee-times will be posted to Disc Golf Metrix. Follow the Tyyni website news and/or Tyyni App!

What to know – Spectators

Spectators are welcomed to follow Tyyni except for the first round at Nevas on Thursday due to the parking space problems. All other courses and rounds are open for spectators free of charge.

Caddies are allowed on all courses. Nevas shuttle bus transfer should also be used by caddies (with the player who to caddy).

What to know – Tyyni App

Tyyni App is the most important tool you can download during the event. We will send push notifications about most crucial information so you wont miss it. Download it here: http://app.tyyni.com/

What to know – Players Pack and Check-in

Wednesday is the day most of you are waiting for! Just like before, we are not revealing anything what is included in the player’s pack except one thing; your photo is taken by a professional photographer during check-in!

Photographer Marika Salmi will be at the check-in tent from 9:00 to 14:00. If you wish to have your photo taken (included in your players pack!) be come to check-in during these hours.

Check-in is from 9:00 to 19:00 at Sibbe Disc Golf

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