Official Tyyni 2019 mobile application is launched for Android and iOS devices

by | Jan 22, 2019

Every event is fighting the same challenge: “how to reach as many players as possible?”. Missing critical information like changed schedule, tee-times, scores, and stuff like that, even otherwise perfect event could be ruined. Mobile applications are today and we are more than happy to announce the launch of the official Tyyni 2019 mobile app to help all of us fighting this challenge.

What is it used for?

Tyyni 2019 app is a communication platform between the players and serves as an information package for players and spectators. Tournament staff will send push notifications about the most critical updates (registration starts, the schedule changed, tee-times posted etc) so you won’t miss anything important.

During the event, live scores will be available on the Tyyni 2019 app.

App also holds an inside community, which you can choose to use or not.

For what devices it is? Is it a native app or “web app”?

It is launched as a native for both device family, Android and iOS. The app is available for download in official platforms: Play -store for Android devices and App store for Apple devices.

Tyyni 2019 is a native app but some of the content is downloaded while using (like registration info, scores etc).

There is also an web app -version available for devices that do not support the normal version. WebApp is a bit stripped down version and does NOT have the inside community functions or push notifications etc. We recommend using downloaded native apps if possible.

What does it cost?

Nothing. It’s free for all including the spectators.

So, inside community you say? What is the use for that?

You can use it for arranging to carpool, ask for a company to a practice round, make new friends, share pictures, comment on other peoples pictures etc!

Start using the community by registering yourself a user account on the front page of the App.

How do I start using it?

It is simple:
1. Download and install the app (Android users -> Play store | iPhone users -> App Store | Other devices -> WebApp)

2. Open the app.

3. Done.