Tyyni 2018 Fundraiser discs

Traditionally Tyyni will have 3 fundraiser disc DecoDye/DyeMax designs to be spread to retailers all over the world. By purchasing these discs, you will support the event and of course, you will receive some fine piece of art.

All retailer locations will be announced on Tyyni website when the discs will be launched for sale during the fall of 2017.


“Tyyni” fundraiser art is the main theme for the event and the tournament. Dark, burning coal in the background with the glowing iron Tyyni -logo, this is a true piece of art.


Eye of the TD sees you, everywhere. Avoid OB areas, follow the mandatories, calculate your score and you will be fine.


This 3 headed beast is a reference to the Wolf of Sipoo. Enthusiasm and dedication of volunteers in this event, is as powerful and magnificent source that compares to the greatness of Kerberos.

This design was picked by community vote in 2017!



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