Welcome to Stockholm, the Venice of the North! Skip the Viking tales; let’s dive into practicalities. Mild summers, snowy winters, and fantastic discgolf. From Västerhaningein the south to Järva in the north. Fancy disc golf? Stockholm’s got courses for everyone.

Dining won’t break the bank, and we’ve got answers to your questions. Your time in Stockholm? Smooth as a hyzer flip in the woods. Enjoy the journey!

Main center of Tyyni is located at Järva DiscgolfPark which is in the suburbs of, Stockholm.

We have gathered a map of Tyyni places and other interesting and useful information on this map.




Several airlines operate to Arlanda International Airport. We strongly recommend a rental car and/or shared rides, as the public transportation connections to all the tournament sites are not the most convenient if any.

If you have the opportunity to take the boat from another european country  then you can bring your own car. We have several ferries that goes from both Finland/Germany/Estonia and they all come very close to Stockholm were we are hosting Tyyni.

Please do use Google Maps when planning on where to stay so you can get an idea of how long it takes to travel to each course etc.



Compared to most European countries, Finland is a rather expensive place but cheeper than other scandinavian countries. To get an idea and to plan your budget, check out some average prices from HERE

In Sweden, it is not customarily to leave tip in restaurants, and another useful thing to know is that our tap water is totally drinkable and extremely good as well, so feel free to fill out your bottles with the tap water!



The weather in Stockholm in July-August is warm and usually wont rain that much. Average temperate during the day is around 24 Celsius. During the daytime, you should expect temperatures from 15 to 25 Celsius. Bring your shorts but as a backup, remember to pack a hoodie.



There are many hotels around the capital area, but the most convenient one for you might not be the one in the center of Stockholm unless you especially want to spend time checking out the sights in there. As the courses are located in and outside Stockholm, we suggest looking for accommodation around Järva Discgolf Park, nearby Haninge or in and around Sunbyberg. You can use search engines such as Trivago, or to look for the hotel. In addition to the hotels, do check out Airbnb as there are lots to choose from in there as well.

Check our recommendations and special deals below.


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Welcome Hotel Barkarby

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