Sponsor Announcement: Ingman Ice Creams

by | May 19, 2018

Another big player joins the sponsor team as Ingman Ice Creams supports Tyyni event.

Ingman is a globally recognized brand in over 40 countries. As in Finland it is known as Ingman (Great Britain and Asia; Wall’s, Italy; Algida, Germany; Langdese and Netherlands; Ola). Ingman brand is owned by Unilever corporation.

What comes to locality, Ingman’s ice cream factory in Finland is located in Söderkulla, Sipoo. Just over the road from Tournament Center Sibbe. All of the biggest ice cream brands from Finland are made in Sipoo factory, such as: Kingis, Jättis and 1 liter bulk ice creams. Other known worldwide brands from Unilever are Magnum and Daim.

Ingman will be highly presented on all courses and their best selling ice creams available in Café Sibbe and Ice Cream bicycle which will tour around areas during the tournament. You can also find Ingman ice creams in multiple stores like our sponsor S-Market Söderkulla and in Ingman ice cream kiosks around the country.

Follow Ingman in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ingmanjaatelo/
Ingman webpage: http://www.ingman.fi/