Sibbe & Nevas practise, After Dawn events

by | Jun 20, 2022

Event schedule has been updated a bit.

Sibbe & Nevas practise, Tuesday 5th
* Practising at Sibbe and Nevas on Tuesday 5th requires a tee-time booking in advance
* Register in Metrix, choose your tee-time and pay the course fee in advance
‘ Tee-time booking opens June 23rd
* Metrix page:
* Practise at Sibbe on Wednesday 6th is reserved only for players playing in MPO/FPO (the EPT event), no tee-time booking required

TYYNI After Dawn events
* Metrix pages for TYYNI After Dawn events has been opened
* #1 (Monday-Tuesday night) HERE
* #2 (Tuesday-Wednesday night) HERE
* Registration opens June 23rd