Pool and Player Cap changes

by | Feb 2, 2018

Due to high demand of amateur spots in Tyyni 2018, we decided to make some changes on pool assignments and in player caps. This is to ensure majority of the players can play the division they suitable the best and to have the pool accomodation spreaded eavenly.


  • Advanced Amateurs (MA1) moves to Pool A. Player cap will be set accordingly:
MPO 65
FPO 20
MJ18 50
FJ18 5
MA1 60
  • This means that rest of the A pool divisions player caps will drop a bit (notice, the caps are still released on 1st of March!)
  • Intermediate Amateur (MA2) will have player cap of 180. This means, there is still a lots of spots left to play in a suitable division for you.
  • MP50 division player cap has also been raised to 25 due to high demand.

These changes will be affect on the Metrix withing few days. If you want to change your division, please email to gabriel.sarkela@tyyni.com

If you are not yet registered, you can go and register to Intermediate Amateurs (MA2). There is currently 141/180 players so don’t mind if you now appear on the waitlist, you are in when these changes are made in the Metrix system.