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by | Jul 4, 2023

Welcome to Tyyni X!

Tyyni One Round and Tyyni Evening Doubles are running, players are practising the courses and the staff is working hard for the event. Very soon it is time for the second Tyyni main event, TYYNI X – 10th time anniversary event. You are heartly welcome to make #tyynimoments!

In this post you’ll find a lot of important information about Tyyni X and all the happenings around. Please read the info carefully. Long text, but a lot of important info.

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The best page to get all the Tyyni information is homepage.

Getting you player pack

All Tyyni X players will get a player pack. Players in Amateur and Junior divisions will get the full package. Players in professional divisions will also get a generous player pack, but a bit smaller version than amateurs (you have the prize pool).

Picking up player pack is possible ONLY from Sibbe Disc Golf

Wednesday 5th, from 10:00 to 18:00, The official check-in

  • Come to Sibbe, park your car, announce your license plate number to Joensuun Tila info booth or to a parking pad near at the check-in point (Pay-to-park in the area, free for you when license plate number announced)
  • Head to the summer theater stage (shown in Sibbe course map) and get you player pack
  • Official player photos are taken from 10:00 to 16:00

Thursday 6th, from 8:00 to 14:00, Late check-in

  • Late pick-up for players pack available at Sibbe, at the yellow Ramirent truck at tournament center

If you are not able to pick your player pack in those times, you can get it also during Friday or Saturday some Sibbe (the yellow truck), but please notice there are no exact times. Packs are given only when the truck is open.

Check-in for rounds

  • For the first round, you need to check-in at the latest 20 minutes before your tee-time at the tournament office (near tee #1 at each course)
  • For the second and third round, you need to check-in at the latest 10 minutes before your tee-time at the tournament office


All the course maps and caddy book with detailed hole-by-hole infos can be found and downloaded HERE.

Fuzzy Eagle Kartano map, measured hole lenghts and hole-by-hole details has been updated 3.7.2023. There was some unexpected issues during the pop-up course set up and some holes needed to be changed.

Latitude 64 Nevas will be checked today after the Tyyni One Round event. Measured hole lenghts etc. will be published during Wednesday.

Parking at Sibbe Disc Golf

At Joensuun Tila, where Sibbe Disc Golf is located, there is a pay-to-park system. All parking fees are included in your entry fee, you don’t need to pay for the parking. When you arrive to Sibbe, park your car and announce your license plate number to information booth’s parking pad (Competitor pass must be shown after Wednesday).

Arriving to Latitude 64 Nevas

Arriving to Nevas via Nevaksentie (Sprängmanintie is partly a private way).

Parking at Nevas: Follow the Tyyni parking signs (black arrow). Tyyni parking lot is located about 500 meters from the tournament center. We recommend using this link when you arrive (Google Maps). It leads directly to the parking lot (large sand field on the left). Parking in the golf course parking lot is prohibited.


Tee-times for the first round has been published during Tuesday morning. Remember there might be changes due to late withdrawals. You must always double-check your tee-time – in the day/evening before and in the same morning your round begins.

Tee-times will be published in Disc Golf Metrix and PDGA

  • Tyyni X in Metrix HERE, choose you Pool and Round from drop down menu, click “Show groups”
  • Tyyni X event page at PDGA, HERE

Tee-times for the second and third round will be published in Metrix and PDGA when the whole Pool has finished and scores are checked.


  • Official scoring platform is Disc Golf Metrix
  • Back-up scoring is by group’s decision either PDGA Live or paper card, must be matched with Metrix
  • Password for PDGA live scoring: tyynix
  • Players must sign their score in Metrix after scores are checked (or ask TD to do it)
  • Unsigned score = Two penalties for unreturned score card
  • The whole group must come to scoring tent after the round is finished

Got some questions? Send email to