Payouts 2021

by | Jul 2, 2021

Cash payouts for pro divisions:

Payouts are calculated as they were announced in the end of 2020, with the “old method” before the release of PDGA International Guide 2021. This is how the payouts are calculated:

VAT 10% and 20 € course fee is reduced from the entry fee. No PDGA fee 5 € is reduced because the Euro Tour was cancelled.

Payout from this is 80%.

Then there is 10 000 € extra added to the prize pool. Added cash is distributed to all professional divisions with the number of players in divisions.


Amateur players in pro divisions: If you want to keep your amateur status, you can decline from money prize. Declining must be announced immediately to TD when results are ready. In A-tier event money prize can’t be changed to merchandise or vouchers.