Patron of Tyyni 2018: Chairman of the Sipoo Council Heikki Vestman

by | Jun 25, 2018

Official Patron of Tyyni 2018 is Chairman of the Sipoo Council Heikki Vestman. We are happy to have recognition from the one of the most recognizable and influential faces of Sipoo. Here are few words from Heikki and you will also meet him at the Opening Ceremony on Wednesday 27th of June at 20:00 in Tournament Center Sibbe Disc Golf.

On behalf of the municipality of Sipoo I would like to welcome you all to Sipoo, the green oasis of the Finnish metropolitan region. We are a municipality of 20 000 people, located just next to Finland’s capital Helsinki.

Sipoo is one of the most rapidly growing areas in Finland and the economy is strong. It is our will to provide the people of Sipoo with freedom, good living environment and functioning services.

Sipoo is especially known for the beautiful archipelago, deep forests and leisure activities which we want to harvest. We recognize that greenspace and outdoor activities are valuable to people: In several European studies it has been proved that the amount of greenspace in residential area correlates with the residents’ health.

Even the brand new slogan of Sipoo urges: “Start your day on the forest path.”

Thus, we are thrilled that 2018 Tyyni, the largest disc golf tournament in Europe, is organized in Sipoo. I would like to say my special thanks to Mr. Juha Kytö who has brought this great event here.

As you might know, Sipoo is kind of a promised land for disc golfers. There are eight disc golf courses altogether in Sipoo as well as a few good coursed just near to us. In my opinion disc golf combines many of the best features of the outdoor sports.

I wish you a pleasant stay in Sipoo and the best throws in 2018 Tyyni!

Heikki Vestman,

Chairman of the Council