Official Cart of Tyyni 2019 – ZÜCA

by | Jun 6, 2019

Being again part of event, ZÜCA is the official cart of Tyyni.

ZÜCA is supporting the event and offering a fantastic opportunity for the players to use ZÜCA carts in Tyyni – FOR FREE!

ZÜCA will set-up a pop-up store to tournament center Sibbe from tuesday to saturday night, where you can check-in a cart for free to try out during your round – in any course you like. Note that there are only 20 carts available, so pick up yours first thing in the morning if you wish to try one.

There are also some extra accessories, spare parts and new inventions to display and for sale.

After saturdays last round all carts will be raffled amongst all players who are present in Award Ceremony. If you win and you are not there – sorry, you just lost a cart. Don’t miss your win and stay for the Award Ceremony!

More information about ZÜCA pop-up store will be announced closer to the event. Stay tuned with downloading the Tyyni 2019 Mobile App!

Visit ZÜCA Europe website: