Get a free entry to Tyyni and save over 100€

by | Oct 13, 2018

Short on cash and want to participate Tyyni? Here is your chance to get a free entry to Tyyni 2019!

As you have noticed, our Sponsor list grows all the time, but that does not mean that we are not looking for new sponsors! Every sponsor is valuable so we can provide the best experience possible for all players. That’s why we are offering a FREE ENTRY for everyone who can offer us a sponsorship deal worth 500€ or over. Sounds amazing, right?

How to do it?

Check out our Sponsor Opportunities -page, get to know all the pre-made sponsor packages. If any possible business comes into your mind that could sponsor Tyyni as an event, contact them and tell’em what is this all about! After you have convinced them for a sponsorship, or they have extra questions, forward them to us!

When we close the sponsorship deal, you will receive a free (AND GUARANTEED!) entry to Tyyni 2019 with value at least 100€.


Q: Can I just give you a phone number an email to my employer and you call them?
A: No, work for your spot. We can get names and emails if we want and contact them directly, but that is not the point. Ask them, convince them and then forward for us to make a contract. When we have a contract, you will get the free entry.

Q: Can I sponsor Tyyni myself with 500€ and then I will get a guaranteed and paid spot?
A: Yes.

Q: Who should I contact? Or what contact I give to the sponsor?
A: Send email to Event Director Juha Kytö (