On registration, you will be asked some questions in addition to your personal details. If you have your answers ready before the registration, you will save a ton of time. These are basic information but some of them will actually take a lot of time or get you into trouble if you do not think them thoroughly.

Here is our top 6 hints on FAST and WISE registration.


1. Disc Golf Metrix – be ready

Update your account (or create new account if don’t have one) to Disc Golf Metrix. Registration is done with the Disc Golf Metrix registration system and you will need an account to register.

Go to Disc Golf Metrix by following this link -> https://discgolfmetrix.com/


2. PayPal – be ready

Create PayPal account and check your payment method. PayPal account is NOT needed in registration but it is a lot faster to make payments with an account than without.

Remember also to check your payment method; some of the Finnish banks have internet payments shut off as default on all cards. If you want to be sure, transfer the needed amount of money to your PayPal account in advance.

Go to PayPal by following this link -> https://www.paypal.com/


3. Your division – be wise and register to correct division.

Be sure to choose right division while registering, in the worst case, you might not be able to play in the event at all. If you rating rises too high, it might not be possible to change it to another (if the other pool is full, you cannot change your division!). Check your rating now and think what it would be in June. You better play safe than sorry and register yourself to higher division if you are on the edge.

It is players OWN responsibility to register and play in correct division, make a note on that.

Check all the division standards from this voucher from PDGA -> https://www.pdga.com/files/2018_divisions_ratings_point_factors.pdf

Still not sure? Find a local disc golf club and ask for their help on determing what division you should play in.


4. Tee-off Song – prepare

Most time consuming task is to choose a tee-off song. It can take many hours so it is wise to do it in advance and not while filling up the registration form.

While choosing the song, remember that only the first 30s is played (as you have 30s to tee-off) and that is what makes it so difficult. Your personal favourite song might not have the best intro on it so you better listen it carefully before typing it down.

We are using Spotify streaming service to play the songs, so be wise and select a song from their library. If your chosen song is not available in Spotify, we will play a random (or not so random) stupid song instead. You can use Spotify’s free version to browse the service and select the song.

To help us out, put down a Spotify link WITH the song name, thank you.

Go to Spotify by following this link -> https://www.spotify.com/


5. Shirt size

Shirt size? Really? What do you mean by size? Is this US size or maybe China size? Is this a hint of players pack item?

There is a dropdown list from sizes S to 3XL. Select the size you mostly use. If you cant find your size on that scale, hopefully we find you something else.

Do not overthink this question too much.


6. Donation

As last question, you are asked for donation. Even that Tyyni has great and generous sponsors, we still want the event to better and bigger. If you have extra money on you, dont be ashamed to make a small or large donation towards the event. We can do a lot with it. And hey, you can put your name on history books (caddie book), what is better than that?

During the registration you can donate 10, 50 or 100 euros towards the event.

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