Extra pool, course and 228 spots more. Reaching over 1000 players.

by | Feb 1, 2019

Due to a high number of registered players, which have builded up to almost 200 player waitlist, we have decided to add 1 extra pool to the main event of Tyyni.

Tyyni returns home

For extra pool, we also needed to add an extra course, which will be Kivikko Disc Golf Course located in Helsinki. Kivikko is the course where Tyyni has started back in 2013.

Tyyni moved away from Kivikko due to the poor condition of the course and some challenges with the area. The city of Helsinki has now fixed most of the course and will fix the rest of it during the spring of 2019 with the help of the local club Disc Golf Vikings.

Layout that will be used in 2019 event is regular layout of Kivikko, with a slightly modified order of play with the holes.

More spots – reaching to over 1000 players

Extra pool with extra spots in existing ones, allows us to host 1028 players.

New pool assignments and player caps:

New course assignments:

Still in the waitlist or not happy with the changes?

This change might have affected you or not. Most of the players from the waitlist have just got into the event and some are still in the waitlist.

For some players, their courses or the order of the courses have changed as well. For most players, these changes does not affect at all.

In case you are still in the waitlist, we recommend changing the division for one with still available spots. Also, if you are in a higher division that you wish to play in, consider downgrading for a lower amateur division if there is room available.

You can change your division by sending an email to gabriel.sarkela@tyyni.com with the information: your name and PDGA#, your current division, division you wish to play in.

In case these changes affected you in a way that you don’t want to change your division and are not happy with the new ones, you are entitled for a full refund until 14th of February. Inform about your withdrawal with email to gabriel.sarkela@tyyni.com with your name and PDGA number.

All changes are handled in the order received.