Event information update

by | May 26, 2021

At the moment we are getting a lot of questions concerning the situation around COVID, traveling restrictions and side events. Most common questions are “will Tyyni be organized” and “can I travel from my country”. We have collected updated information to this post. Please, read carefully.


Things with COVID is getting better here in Finland, but the situation is still unstable. You will get confirmed information immediately when we have something. At this point we are in this situation:

  • Tyyni 2021 will be organized, but we don’t have the 100% final permission / confirmation yet. We are working on it on the background
  • There will some restrictions with mass gatherings (like players meeting). Everything related to these special actions will announced later when we have things confirmed


Finnish government has placed restrictions on entry from almost all countries. The current restrictions on entry into Finland will continue until 15th of June. So there is still some light in the end of tunnel. As organizer we don’t know all restrictions or what restrictions concerns which country, but all updated information concerning travel restrictions and special actions can be found from Finnish government’s web page:


We recommend to follow that page for more updated information


As written above, current travel restrictions will continue until 15th of June. Therefore we will again extend our withdrawal policy. These informations will be updated to DiscGolfScene too.

Any withdrawal done latest 20th of June will get a full refund (minus PayPal fees).
Suggested: You may also choose to move your fee for Tyyni 2022 event and get a guaranteed spot with rights to pre-registration.

Any withdrawal done at the latest 29th of June can be rolled for Tyyni 2022 event for a guaranteed spot, entry fee paid.

If you need to withdraw from this year’s event, contact mike@nbdg.fi.


All the side events (except Jussin Kisat) is still on hold. At this point we don’t know exact guidelines for smaller events and therefore we will wait a bit more before opening registrations etc. After final confirmation for main event comes, side events will be opened too. At this point it looks like that all C-tier events and practising must be set up with tee-time booking


Things are open also with volunteers. Application for volunteer work will be opened immediately when we know the procedures with event organizing.


I know all this uncertainty is frustrating for players, volunteers, partners and organizing staff. So it is for the event management. We are going to do everything to get Tyyni 2021 organized, with the special actions and procedures needed concerning COVID. And you will be informed immediately when we have confirmations.

Mikko Wikman
Tournament director