Eagle McMahon and Jenni Eskelinen – Tyyni 2019 Champions

by | Jun 29, 2019

The biggest Disc Golf competition in Europe, Tyyni, has finished in Söderkulla, Sipoo. The competition lasted for three days and the Open division winner was Eagle McMahon (USA) with a score of 155. Second place was Eric Oakley (USA) 3 strokes behind the winner and third place Niklas Anttila (FIN), 4 strokes behind the winner. 

Eagle McMahon comments:
“For me this was a bit of a surprise, considering that I needed to drop out from a tournament last weekend due to a shoulder injury. Finishing the event is a win for me itself. My putting game felt strong and I am quite sure that lead to victory.

Eagle McMahon (photo: Marika Salmi / NBDG)

Women’s open class winner was Jenni Eskelinen from Oulu with a score of 192. Secondly, the bronze medalist Kristin Tattar came from Estonia with one stroke behind Eskelinen, and third with Heidi Laine with 197 strokes.

“For my part, the tournament went well and I played a fairly smooth game throughout the tournament. I didn’t make any big mistakes, and I got a good recovery after bad strokes. The win feels really good especially after the weaker beginning of season. The race was tight on all three days and towards the end it went even tighter” Eskelinen says.

Jenni Eskelinen (photo: Marika Salmi / NBDG)

The winner of the competition was solved only on the last hole of the course at Sibbe Disc Golf, where the big pond is the tension element on the fairway.

“On the last hole I went to play the par result. Kristin opened hole before me and the disc went out of bounds. When I threw another stroke, I felt a little uncertainty because I would have liked to approach the basket with the disc I threw on the pond. Approaching was a bit too short and I was pretty sure we were going to play the same result and we got the latest tracks ”Eskelinen times the feelings of the race. Also, Kristin’s approach to the basket was not enough and when she could not make the put, I was sure of my victory.”

In the main competition, Tyyni, 958 players participated from 16 countries. In addition, the 11-day event also included several one-round tournaments involving over one thousand players during the event and over 4000 PDGA rated rounds.

“The competition has run smoothly without the biggest difficulty. Participants have been happy and satisfied. The event has brought together a large group of disc golf players and attracted a lot of interest abroad, ”says Juha Kytö, Tyyni Event Coordinator.

MPO winner Eagle McMahon commended the event and Finland:

“This event was one of the best I’ve been and it is always a special thing to play in Finland, we never get this much of a gallery in USA. I will definitely come back again next year”.

Over 1000 spectators we’re following the players in the final round at Sibbe Disc Golf

The competition was played on six different courses simultanously: Sipoo in Sibbe Disc Golf, Nevas Golf, Söderkullan Kartano, Ford DGP in Tuusula, Kivikko Frisbee Golf Course in Helsinki and Kerava Keinukallio.