Divisional spots adjusted

by | Apr 11, 2022

As told in previous news, the divisional spots has been adjusted today. All waitlisted players has been promoted to the event. Welcome!

After all these adjustments there are still a good number of spots available, even though some divisions are full booked or has got only a few spots left. If you haven’t registered yet, now it’s the time to do it!

Available spots (April 11th)

MP40 1
FP40 6
MP50 2
MP60 5
MA1 2
FA1 Full
MA40 1
FA40 5
MA50 7
MA60 5
MA2 Full
FA2 3
MA3 33
FA3 7
MA4 39
FA4 7

Registration at DiscGolfSene.com:
EPT (MPO/FPO) registration LINK
EPT-X (All other divisions) LINK