4000€ added cash in MPO/FPO and other changes

by | Nov 13, 2018

Good things are dynamic and so is Tyyni. To stay interesting and providing something extra everytime, there is always some changes. Here is a list of all major and few minor changes in Tyyni for the 2019 event compared to what we had in 2018.


Minimum of 4000€ added cash to MPO/FPO

Previously we guaranteed at least 1000€ for the winner of MPO and FPO. It was not enough so we wanted to make it a bit more. For 2019 there will be a minimum of 4000€ added cash in the MPO/FPO prize pool, divided with 3/1 share (3000€ to MPO and 1000€ to FPO).

With a full field (caps in division) the GROSS payout would be about 130% and NET payout about 150%

5 courses but only 800 spots

Last year we had 4 courses/pools and each could accommodate 200 players. Next year are going with 5 pools but will have only 160 players/pool. This is to ease up the schedule of the day both to players but also for the course staff.

Changes on the divisions available

While offering a lot of divisions, the higher amount also reflects on the quality. While providing a lot of divisions it means a lot more work for the staff. For 2019 we have cut out few of the smallest divisions but in the other hand, offered some more divisions that are demanded by the players.

Unfortunately, we had to remove junior players division due to unexpected challenges for the staff that we were not able to solve without unnecessary high cost. At another hand, there is now also offered FA4 and MA4 Novice divisions that are more suitable for beginning players, where we also encourage younger fresh players to sign in (or higher divisions if your rating is developed enough).

Entry fees and Divisions available at Tyyni 2019:
€150,00 MPO Open
€120,00 MP40 Pro Masters 40+
€120,00 MP50 Pro Masters 50+
€120,00 MP60 Pro Masters 60+
€150,00 FPO Open Women
€120,00 FP40 Pro Masters Women 40+
€100,00 MA1 Advanced
€100,00 MA40 Amateur Masters 40+
€100,00 MA2 Intermediate
€100,00 MA3 Recreational
€100,00 MA4 Novice
€100,00 FA1 Advanced Women
€100,00 FA2 Intermediate Women
€100,00 FA3 Recreational Women
€100,00 FA4 Novice Women

Tyyni Ace Pool and personalized items

During registration, you are able to chip in for the Tyyni Ace Pool. For 5 euros you are in for the Ace Pool for all 3 rounds. In any course, any hole at any of your main event rounds, if you are in the Ace Pool and throw an Ace, you will win 100€ cash. Ace pool will be available for purchase ONLY during registration, not after you have registered so don’t miss this chance.

Do you love the Tyyni players pack but still want some more? While registering, you are able to sign in for an exclusive personally customized Tyyni 2019 collector disc and/or mini with your own name. These will be available only during registration and not later on any circumstance. Cost of personalized and exclusive Tyyni 2019 disc is 20€ and 30€ with an extra mini disc in the pack.